Creating Discourse on Ethics in Design through Design Fictions

Design Project  3


This blog/journal/online-space documents the fourth semester design project of Amogh Bhatnagar, a graphic design M.Des. student at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, started off virtually at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on March 22, 2021.  Here’s the probable structure of a not-so-linear process that is expected to be followed:

Stage 1 : Background and Themes 

22/03/2021  30/03/2021

what could the project be; what should the project be? where do we start and how can we take it forward?

Stage 2 : Making a Proposal

09/04/2021  16/04/2021

now that we have a focus area, what do we propose to do with it?

Stage 3 : Research & Synthesis

05/04/2021  ongoing

primary and secondary research; analysis and synthesis to flesh out the project.

Stage 4 : Ideation 

05/05/2021  20/05/2021

finding potential for design interventions.

Stage 5 : Designing & Iterations

28/05/2021  ongoing

creating abstract and tangible outcomes for the proposed visual interventions and possibly testing them.


3/06/2021 - Presentation and discussions with Tarun, Tanishka and guest expert Namisha Naidu
A quick summary of the work done so far...

Stage 6 : Outcome

refining the strategy, content, and the deliverables; documentation

An Ever-growing Bibliography

the list of references- books, people, web-links & more