Common Threads in Thinking About the Future: As a Human and as an AI


I thought of cross-referencing people’s ideas of the future with that of the AI. Here are some interesting parallels. On the left are responses from the survey, and on the right are the AI’s “predictions”.

Thread 1

AIs taking over our jobs
AIs doing all design
Designers becoming redundant because of AI.
The AI paints a somewhat favourable picture of AI infiltrating the design industry; AI functioning as an efficient intermediary is a nice middle ground between “NO AI AT ALL” and “AI TAKES OVER EVERYTHING” 

Thread 2

Living in virtual world.

The AI envisions an interesting forecast for the material culture of the future, wherein the lines between tangibility and virtuality get thinner, and designing for the virtual world is no less important than designing for the “real” world.

There’s more where these came from... Will continue adding more as i come across them.