My Politics of Design


What do I believe in?
Why my beliefs matter?

A Manifesto for my Practice

 To make sure that my work makes little negative impact on the environment: ecologically AND sociologically, or at least compensate for the damages done, to the best of my ability.

 To understand the nuances of communication, and not misrepresent facts, ideas, cultures, and concepts.

 To understand the power of visual communication, and make work that is culturally and contextually appropriate.

 To co-create and collaborate meaningfully with peers, and subverting the idea of competition with cooperation and community.

 To price my work sustainably, and always paying fairly to collaborators, be it in art, craft, or design.

 To understand that design is a means to an end, a process; and design alone can not change the world. The world runs as a system, and design is one aspect of it. Culture, capital, and community are also players here which design would function with.

 To never contribute directly, and whenever possible, indirectly, to the oppressive systems which plague design and business.