Proposal Draft 01


Amogh Bhatnagar
M.Des 2019
Graphic Design
Tarun Deep Girdher

Tanishka Kachru
Proposed Guide


Triggering conversations on the ethics and politics of design through speculative design fictions


As of now, my hypothesis is that design faces political concerns which affect everyone- some people more than others, on various levels, and design practitioners and students need an understanding of ethics that can help us take the profession forward without being unsustainable, unfair or unethical. This project would seek to trigger consciousness and start meaningful conversations on the politics and ethics of design.


Utilising methods of speculative design, to envision scenarios which could help in stirring up meaningful conversations. Questioning the status quo, to make inquiries into what it means for design to be good- ethically, morally, aesthetically, functionally, and critically.

To engage with these concerns and come up with narratives which could compel the audience to dig deeper, and to establish content, context, and containers, to design communication materials that convey the narrative to the audience, and use the idea of alternative futures to create smaller changes that can help us navigate through alternative presents. To prototype the ideas that fall under the scope of the project, and to test out the outcomes within the constraints of the project.

Can we create alternative methodologies for design processes?


  • Primarily, Designers- students, practitioners, educators
  • Also on a macro level- Policymakers, people in the industry, ‘consumers’ and everyone else whose life design touches


  • Narratives set in near or distant futures.
  • Print and web-based publications, posters, strategies for interactive platforms and social media, experiential components through exhibits
  • The conversations the project would hopefully lead to.


Strategising for intangible/non-commercial gains. Verbalising and visualising the act of futuring. Using existing platforms and frameworks for these messages and potentially subverting them.