Questions? Questions!


I started off with a LOT of questions, which semeed to be going off in many different directions- on education, pedagogy, practice, but also on society, culture, capital. They still linger on the Miro board, but this is essentially a Graphic Design Project, and i thought it’d make sense to centre the primary question around design iteself.

And based on this, my inquiries could lead to: 

> Defining “Good” design on all of the above parameters and more.
> Questioning the good and the bad and the need for such labels.
> Understanding the implications of these labels, and their impact on people, the environment, and society as a whole. 
> Probes into the origins of these labels, in design, and in other aspects of life- education, business, everyday life etc.
> Speculations into the future of this good and bad.

This would then lead to detailed research, which would inform creative responses in an appropriate form, possibly:

> Practical applications
> Dissemination of research
> Factual discourse
> Conversation pieces
> Design Fictions to imagine alternatives

Imagining alternatives is what i really want this project to lead to, but let’s see where the next nine weeks take us.

How are ethics and morals founded?

Does design need an ethical framework in the first place?

What about ethics in other professions?

Is this a personal thing or a systemic thing?

What are the various belief systems that shape this?

Design is a professional skill. How to address the divide b/w subjectivity and objectivity?

How to not make this into moral policing?