Alignment Charts, Moral Compasses, and Other Things


This is my initial diagram for thinking about the futures I plan on speculating more on. I think diagrams and figures like this are a great tool for mapping out the extremes that can emerge into the future, and once the extremes are in place, a more fleshed-out narrative can be created from the in-between points. 

The next step is to further populate this matrix with more possibilities, and also coming up with other scales for evaluating the possibilities of the future.

Other possible scales:

The Moral Compass:
(Ethically) Good Client, Good Work, Good Design, v/s bad (unethical) Client, Work, Design.
Good Client, bad work? Bad Client, good work?

I wish i could have more detailed conversations with people on defining what a good client is. Milton Glaser, i think, said, “Good design is good business.” Which is something Steven Heller & others expand upon in detail in the book Citizen Designer. So here, i’d want ‘good client’ to include businesses and other commercial and noncommercial entities (which designers work for) engaged in work that is socially relevant, environmentally sustainable, non-exploitative, data-protective, and over-all ethical. 

How about a Physical product that acts as a guide for this?! Maybe an Alexa of some sort that you ask questions to? 

“OK Moral Compass? Should i take up this project?”
<<should i? can i? may i?>>

Environmental Impact:
Production, Consumption, Post-life
I don’t know. At this point i am just putting these ideas here.