What Scares You About the Future?


The third and final question in the survey was, “What scares you about the future?”. Here are the responses to that, categorised under the headings they fall into.

Design Itself

Having designers who are not systems thinkers.

Design becoming redundant in terms of how something looks because of overload of design that is beyond comprehension and now just rebels but isn't functional

Literally the fact that everything that can be done has already been done and familiarity fatigue

There will be more designers.

Ux not reaching the heights it deserves

Too much dependency on external resources will lead to decreased general life skills (Take OLA/UBER/Autonomous driving for example, services or products like this will lead to people not knowing how to drive a car in future)

Lack of good projects...that at any time now, it would be too late for us.that its never gonna go back to what it was

Social Issues

Being raped and killed in the middle of a street.

Human apathy.

Lack of empathy.

People losing morals and depth and becoming super selfish and destructive

Lack of empathy in peopleLosing hope eventually, someday

Environmental Issues

That there could be no future.

Stupid humans not understanding the importance of environment and totally destroying it

Disparity, scarcity and degraded human-human and human- nature relationship, safety of all things living due to human greed

Destruction of the planet and the nature we are very much intertwined with

Environment, Quality of Food, Life style, Health

That there won’t be any natural spaces left

Tech Issues

Will life be more fast in the future?

Living in virtual world.

AI design will be more popular than real human designer

Well, flying cars didn't appear in 2020, and that's scary. Also, the deteriorating living environment/conditions.

Health Crisis

Covid 19 trajectory

Right now its mostly related to the health of me and my family. The uncertainty to prove my metal in the industry because of the shortcomings and compromises made (work wise) during the pandemic sometimes gets the best of me.

Personal Crisis

The uncertainty and the ambiguity.

the attractiveness of shortcuts

Thinking where will I end up after 10 years from now.

Scope & integrity of what i am and what could i serve for to make world little ahead of what it is.Everything is becoming very radical, there is one right one wrong and no in-between. we’re being controlled by social media algorithms, and greed

Our inability to keep up with things, the balance between development and upliftment? I'm not sure, too many things, government, climate change.


Economic Issues

Everything regarding return on investment

The take over of capitalism on intuitive design skills and artist freedom.

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